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Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Is One that Keeps Cervical Spine in Alignment

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No one recommends Sleeping on your stomach      
The best pillow for stomach sleepers is one that aligns the head properly. Sleeping on the stomach will cause the head to be pushed upward at an unnatural and uncomfortable angle. Stomach sleeping makes it difficult to maintain a neutral position with the spine. The position puts pressure on joints and muscles.  As a result, sleep-related discomfort and pain is often felt by stomach sleepers. It is very important for a stomach sleeper to sleep with a leg over the edge of the bed or drawn up to relieve muscle pressure in the lower back. Also, putting a pillow under the hips and lower abdomen will give the bottom of the spine a boost. Finding the perfect pillow is a very important aspect of a stomach sleeper’s well being.


Importance of a Good Pillow

Nothing starts the day off better than getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep is the most important aspect of overall health. Both body and mind rest and refresh while sleeping. Pillows have a remarkable effect on the quality of sleep. People spend a third of their life in bed, so it is important to have a supportive pillow. Having a supportive pillow ensures the neck rests in a neutral position during sleep. This is important as it stops straining of the muscles during sleep. The better the sleep, the more recharged a person is to handle the day. The right pillow can do a lot of good for the body, mind and soul. The wrong pillow can make headaches worse, cause neck and back pain, and cause numbness in the shoulders and arms.

Align-Right Pillow is called for what it does - it aligns your body.

The Align-Right Pillow’s cylindrical design fits and supports comfortably into the chest. This position comfortably angles and cradles the neck and head while the stomach sleeper is cuddling the pillow. The head and neck remain in alignment since they are positioned down, and are not being forced to turn to one side or the other. The design of the Align-Right Pillow will help keep the cervical spine in alignment. Consequently, muscle tension in the neck is released and a person can physically get to sleep.
The pillow is constructed with a practical and common-sense design: 
  • Fully machine washable and dry-able
  • Maintains shape night after night
  • Can be re-fluffed and sanitized
  • Portable, compactable and perfect for travel
  • Light weight
  • Cylindrical in shape, designed to fit and support both the normal and abnormal cervical spine
  • Conforms to any mattress
  • Infinite sizing capacity
  • Designed to stay put all night long
  • Offers down-like softness while providing firm, stable support
If stomach sleeping is preferred, the best pillow for stomach sleepers is one that keeps the cervical spine in alignment. Although sleeping on the stomach is widely regarded by many professionals as the worst sleeping position, it happens to be a natural position that all people have slept in. Proper pillow placement in the stomach sleeping position can reduce the chances of waking up with back and neck pain. The Align-Right Pillow fits and supports comfortably into the chest, angling and cradling the neck and head while the sleeper is cuddling the pillow. 

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Sleeping Pillow

A Natural Solution for Good Sleep

Are you burdened with tension, headaches, neck/shoulder/back/pain, snoring or fibromyalgia? Or do you always wake up tired and stiff? Do you crave a comfortable, healthy night’s sleep?

Relief can be instant when you properly support and align your neck and back. The Align-Right sleeping pillow is proven to increase comfort, reduce tension and relax muscles because it is designed for your unique body shape and your predominant sleep position.

A custom fitted pillow will give you a restful, deep sleep experience so you can wake refreshed and feeling great!

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